Bathroom Cleaning

Attitude (Canada)
Window & Mirror, Bathroom, and Daily Shower Cleaners – free from all isothiazolinones. See their site here, or via Amazon US here

Bio-D (UK)
Their toilet cleaner, in various sizes. Ingredients seem to be straightforward and natural – acids, coconut oil detergents, vegetable derivatives and lemongrass. 

Eco Me (US)
They have a Herbal Mint Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Ecostore (Australia / New Zealand)
Scourers, bath and shower cleaners, a toilet cleaner. To shop in Australia, click here, and New Zealand, click here.

Greenshield Organic (US)
Their Bergamot Mint Bathroom Cleaner contains almost entirely organic ingredients – citric acid, l-malic acid, soybean oil, fragrance, acetic acid, soap bark, glycerin and water.

Home Scents (UK)
Toilet Cleaner, bleach and descaler. Click here

Humblestuff (UK)
Toilet Freshener – uses only bicarbonate of soda, citric acid and essential oils – a Multi Surface Spray for bathroom (and kitchen) surfaces – with only castille soap and essential oils (fragrance free available) – and a Soft Cleaning Paste, which is also multi-purpose, but can be used in the bathroom as well as elsewhere, and which contains bicarbonate of soda, castille soap and essential oils.

Mangle and Wringer (UK)
Their Bathroom Balm is a biodegradable cream with only very simple non-reactive ingredients, such as bicarb, soap and glycerine. 

Resparkle (Australia)
Bathroom and glass cleaner. 

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