Methylisothiazolinone Free Paints

AURO (Europe)
A few of their paints do contain MI / MCI, but many do not. See this statement on the Organic Natural Paint website for more information and a list of unsafe products, although note that this statement is now a year old, so double check before you buy. AURO UK are now the sole UK distributor of the paints. On the site, you can view the TDS (technical data sheet) for the individual products, and see ingredients listed under ‘Composition’. The isothiazolinone preservatives are listed as ‘thiazoles‘ so avoid any including this word. For example, the Auro 320 clearly includes them so is unsafe. The Auro 328 (above) is safe, and has had some good anecdotal feedback. In June 2018 they told us: “all our lime/chalk and silicate paints are MI Free and our White Clay paint and 321 emulsion are MI free – we aim to have al our colours available MI free in next couple of months.” For further information, you can email them at


Biofa (UK / Ireland)
All except one Biofa paint type are free of isothiazolinone preservatives (the unsafe one is called Primasol). One which is confirmed safe is the Biofa Solimin, which is a silicate-based mineral paint which UK stockists GreenSteps have told us has “several satisfied MI customers”. You can obtain it from GreenSteps Ltd directly, who told us the price is £7-10 per litre, depending on the colour used. In Ireland, the paints are available from Biochrome


ECOS Paints (US)
“None of our paints, primers, stains or varnishes use isothiazolinone preservatives” ECOS paints told us, having been reformulated to exclude the preservatives a few years ago. No old stock should now remain. The paints are also Zero VOC, odor-free, organic and sustainable. See their website for further details. Also available on Amazon


Edward Bulmer Paints (UK)
Their 72 colours are available in six finishes – three of which are MI-free. These three are water-based eggshell, oil-based eggshell and oil gloss. (You can choose one of these three options once you have chosen your colour.)

Furthermore, some preparatory products are MI-free. These are water-based undercoat, oil undercoat (in white and grey), and wood primer

Edward Bulmer are currently (March 2017) selling off limited stocks of an MI-free emulsion to UK buyers. For details, click here


Färgbygge (Sweden)
Eco-colour made with water, minerals and renewable raw materials – but no isothiazolinone preservatives. Click here for more information (in Swedish). 


Green Planet Paints (US)
We have been told that all paints are soy-based and free from the isothiazolinone group of preservatives. They use their own preparatory preservative. Click to their website here. To see ingredients, click the MSDS from the individual product pages. Paints contain ingredients such as clays, titanium, earth and marble. 


Natural powder paints (below right), hailing from Germany, and which use clays, marbles and mineral pigments. They are also free from petrochemical and synthetic ingredients. 

Available as Unearthed Paints in the US (see below).

Available from Mike Wye & Associates in the UK or also a selection is available on Amazon here.

Available from Tockay Natural Paints in Canada.

Available from The Natural Paint Company in Australia


Lakeland Paints (UK)
Use several isothiazolinones in their paints, BUT they can do bespoke handmade paints without them, on special order, with one week’s notice. This is however very expensive – in the region of £150 per gallon – and shelf life is very short (just a few weeks). See their website for colour options.


Lime Earth Paints (UK / France)
Lime paints, lime mortars and plasters, which founder Stuart Furby has assured us are free from additives, including isothiazolinones. See their website for details. Mail order in the UK, around a dozen UK stockists, and one in France.


Naturmaling (Denmark)
White paints confirmed MI-free on the Decorfarver site (translatable into English). 


The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company (US / Canada)
Powder paints based on milk, limestone, carbon, clay and earth pigments, to be mixed with water by consumer. Available via Amazon (US) and via Amazon (Canada). Their home website is here


Real Milk Paint (US)
Powder paints made with purified milk, lime, natural fillers and pigments. Kaolin clay-free. Last around two weeks once mixed with water. See their website for more details. 


Renaissance Furniture Paint (US / Canada)
100% acrylic paint with zero VOC / emissions and little odor, say the manufacturers. No preservatives are used, as there is nothing in it that spoils, the manufacturers told us. It also. Lots of colours are available. See their website for further details. Wide range available on Amazon US too. Also on Amazon Canada


Taubmans (Australia)
Recommended by an MI-allergy sufferer, Karyn Myhill, who was told by Taubmans that isothiazolinone preservatives are not added to their paints, but that there was a theoretical risk that raw materials may contain them. Karyn used them throughout her home successfully, but double check with manufacturers first. Find them here


Unearthed Paints (US)
“Purely natural wall paints, plasters and wood finishes”. Water-free dry mixes which are preservative free, and contain only ingredients such as clays, mineral pigments, plant fibres and marble powder. See their website for more details. 

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