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For specific types of products, choose an option from the Household drop-down in the menu above. For entirely MI-Free brands (except where noted) see below.

Aspen Clean (Canada)
Kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner, an all-purpose cleaner, three laundry detergents and a few other products from this natural brand. Additionally free from SLS/SLES, petroleum by-products, ethoxylated alcohols, artificial dyes, colours and fragrances, and synthetic preservatives.

Attitude (Canada / US)
Wide range of bathroom cleaners, surface cleaners, fruit and vegetable washes, dishwashing products, laundry detergents and products, and air purifiers — all free from isothiazolinones. Also available via Amazon US and Big Green Smile (UK).

Bio-D (UK / US) 
Excellent products for laundry, dishwashing and household cleaning. You can buy them from Amazon US here or Ethical Superstore (UK) here.

Biofactor (Canada)
Products for home, clothes and dishes — extremely natural, and using food-grade preservatives such as potassium sorbate and citric acid only. For stockists, see here. Also available in Shaw’s in the US. 

Bondi Wash (Australia) / Bondi Wash (Europe)
Declared isothiazolinone-free brand, with plenty of other ‘free from’ attributes which may be useful to those with additional sensitivities. Home collection includes floor wash, dish wash, laundry spray, glass spray and room spray. Dog care products too. 

Branch Basics (US)
Vegan, eco-friendly, fragrance free and MI-free household cleaning concentrate, which can be used to make multiple products through dilutions. The brand’s thoughts on MI are included on this blog post.  

Charlie’s Soap (US)
Laundry products — powder, detergent and pre-spray treatment. Also kitchen and bathroom cleaner, and indoor / outdoor surface cleaner. 

Dri-Pak (UK)
Traditional and no-fuss cleaning range based on the simplest of ingredients — soap, citric acid, bicarbonate, vinegar etc. Buy from Amazon or from The Ethical Superstore

Earthview (US)
Simple formulations, free from many preservatives and from fragrances, and including dishwashing detergents, laundry products, and surface cleaners. 

Eco-Max (Canada)
Spray cleaners, laundry wash, dish wash and concentrates, which use the food grade preservative potassium sorbate as a natural preservation system. 

Eco Me
Household cleaning products, personal skincare products — and dog care products too! Also free from SLS. Available from Amazon US or Amazon UK.

Eco Nuts Soap
Laundry and cleaning products based on soap nuts, which are not tree nuts (and so are safe for nut allergies), but related to lychees and contain natural saponins (soapy compounds). View their full range on their site or on Amazon (US). (A smaller range of products is also available online in Canada.)

Ecostore (Australia / New Zealand)
Laundry products, dishwashing products, bathroom cleaning and other household cleaning products, all isothiazolinone-free. To shop in Australia, click here, and New Zealand, click here.

Most, but not all, Ecover products are MI-free. Click this link to learn more. 

Faith in Nature 
Household (and cosmetic) products with good natural qualities. Their MI-free policy can be seen here. Available both in the UK and in the US

Fit Organic (US)
Laundry and dishwashing products, household cleaning and produce washes from a brand which is free from artificial surfactants and synthetic detergents. Certified organic and vegan. 

Greenshield Organic (US)
Laundry, kitchen and bathroom cleaners, plus all-purpose household cleaners, and more unusual products such as glass cleaners. Available via Amazon US here.

Logic Products (US)
Small range of ‘Natural Home Logic’ products, including all-purpose cleaner, laundry detergent, lice protection spray and odor eliminator. Browse here

Mangle & Wringer (UK)
Small collection of natural products, including products for laundry, bathroom and glass.

Meliora Cleaning Products (US)
Laundry powders and soaps. All-purpose home cleaner. Free from fragrances, dyes, preservatives and brighteners, with 100% disclosure on ingredients.

Molly’s Suds (US)
All-natural and vegan laundry products, free from not only isothiazolinones, but also phthalates and artificial fragrances. View at Amazon (US) here

Mulieres (UK)
European brand of natural household detergents based on olive oil. Use gentle preservatives such as potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate. Reduced plastic and cardboard-based packaging is very innovative. Vegan too. In the UK, some products are available from Big Green Smile. 

Nature Clean (Canada)
Some but not all products are safe. More information in our post here

Norfolk Natural Living (UK)
Small brand of supposedly allergy friendly household products, which claim to be free from MI and BIT. Currently checking that they are free of all isothiazolinones. Will update when certain.

Northumbrian Botanicals (UK)
Natural cleaning and home care and pet care too (plus mother/baby and skincare range). Various brands, including Violet’s and Little Violets.

Pure Haven Essentials (US)
Assorted home cleaners and a laundry detergent. 

Resparkle (Australia)
100% natural and certified organic range of household products. 

Sapadilla (US)
They offer dish soap, hand soap, surface cleaner, all purpose cleaner, and laundry detergent, and use only pure essential oils. 

SC Johnson (Worldwide)
NB: Many household detergent brands, and isothiazolinones are sometimes used. However, their ‘What’s Inside SC Johnson’ site gives full ingredients declarations of all their products, in dozens of countries, so you can easily search or check those which are safely isothiazolinone-free. 

Sodasan (UK)
Ecocert certified range of household cleaning products, including laundry, dishwashing, kitchen and bathroom cleaners. Vegan friendly too. 

Surcare (UK)
A variety of laundry products. All products except their fabric conditioner were isothiazolinone-free, BUT they have told that they have now moved to an MI-free formulation for that product too. See more information here — though be aware that stocks of the MI-containing conditioner may remain on shelf for some time. The Surcare range is available via Amazon UK and is free from enzymes, dyes and perfumes / fragrance.

High-end and beautifully packaged cleaning products with colloidal silver as a USP, plus a unique 100% pure essential oil blend and only naturally derived surfactants and ingredients. Biodegradable, pH neutral and recyclable. Free from all preservatives. 

Vitacost (US)
The Clean Collection products have been confirmed MI-free. They include laundry detergents, dish liquid, all purpose cleaners and other products. (Note, April 2018: Greenblendz, who make some of the Clean Collection products, have ceased trading, therefore the future status of at least some of these products is as yet unclear. Double check before purchase.) (Note, January 2019: There is a further question mark over Vitacost as we’ve had reports of a severe reaction. We are currently investigating.)

You (UK)
Small brand of natural, MI-free cleaners, including an all-purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner and kitchen cleaner. 

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