Surcare fragrance free household products

Surcare is a small range of household and laundry products made by UK-based company McBride.

It is useful to many with skin allergies as the products are free of added fragrances – to which many ‘sensitive’ skinned people react. 

Surcare fabric conditioner. Now safe.

They have long been listed on the MI Free site, albeit with one major caveat: that the fabric conditioner contained isothiazolinone preservatives, even though the other products in the range – washing up liquid, laundry detergent, laundry capsules, laundry powder – were safe.

Good news! The Surcare Sensitive fabric conditioner has now been reformulated with phenoxyethanol as a preservative, making Surcare an isothiaozlinone-free brand. 

A warning, however, from McBride: this reformulation was completed towards the end of last year, and the product has a shelf life of 18 months. This means UK shoppers should be aware that the isothiazolinone-containing version of the fabric conditioner could be around until well into 2018, especially in smaller stores with slower stock turnarounds. Be careful also with online purchases from third-party vendors – ask that ingredients be checked, if you can, before ordering. 

Another curious point about the fabric conditioner: it is not vegetarian. It now contains a tallow-derived ingredient. I’ve been told that this ingredient is only used in this particular product, as a surfactant, however, and not in the other Surcare products. 

For more information on Surcare, see their website here

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  1. A hawkes

    Just researched who owns what brands and so glad Surcare is U.K. Based company whereas Ecover is Belgian who incidentally bought out the American Method brand


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