Urgent Nail Set Recall

Social media is normally the best way to convey urgent messages to the MI-allergy community, and this one has been shared on our Twitter page already.

But as it’s a children’s product, and also specific to the UK (and US), where most of the followers of this site live, it strikes me as important to also do a quick post on this particular product recall for web subscribers too. 

MGA LOL Surprise! 18 Piece Nail Set — sold at TKMaxx / Home Sense, including online, and pictured right — has been recalled in the UK, due to the presence of methylisothiazolinone in the varnishes. 

The UK Government recall notice can be read here. The alert level is described as serious

The TK Maxx recall notice can be read here. (As an aside, I have no idea why TK Maxx have said they are “taking this action as a precaution”, when it was an illegal product to the UK and EU market, and so should be taking this action as a move to stop breaking the law.) 

The product is made in the US, where it is not illegal. It is illegal in the UK, Ireland and elsewhere in Europe, as nail varnish is considered a leave-on cosmetic product, like creams and lotions, in which neither MI nor MCI are permitted. 

Applying MI to young skin around fingers strikes me as particularly risky, given children playing with such chemicals can easily make mess, and because they may have bitten fingernails or other cuts, exposing MI to their immune systems far more readily. It does not strike me as a product that should be on the shelves anywhere in the world, but I’ll leave it that!

Please share with anyone who may have bought this product for their child, including as a Christmas present. It was on sale in late summer and early autumn. I’ll update this post if I find out any more. 

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