Miscellaneous Household Products Free From Methylisothiazolinone

Floors / Carpets

Aspen Clean (Canada)
Natural brand which offer both a Natural Floor Cleaner and a Natural Floor Cleaner Concentrate

Bondi Wash (Europe and Australia / New Zealand)
They have a ‘gentle effective’ floor wash — available in three fragrances in Australia, and in Europe

Eco-Max (Canada)
This Canadian MI-free brand has a Floor & Surface Cleaner, containing very few ingredients (Water, Decyl Glucoside, Sodium Citrate, Lemon Essential Oil, and Citric Acid). 

Eco Me (US)
Several products, including a Carpet Freshener (pictured right), and a selection of floor cleaners in Lemon Fresh, Herbal Mint, and Fragrance Free. Click here for their Household Cleaners section. 

Fit Organic (US)
Good value and very natural Laundry & Carpet Stain Remover Spray

Tincture (UK)
Luxury British household cleaning brand. Have a Daily Floor Tincture

Violet’s (UK)
Try their Carpet Cleaner, in lavender, citronella and sage. They also have a Beeswax Floor & Table Milk here


Wood / Furniture

Eco Me (US)
Try their Wood Polish, which is also suitable for wood floors.

Greenscents (UK)
Their Organic Creamy Polish comes in two fragrances, and is suitable for furniture and wood surfaces (and also ‘leather look’)

Tincture (UK)
Luxury household cleaning brand, who have a Furniture Tincture to ‘bring out the best in your wooden furniture’.

Violet’s (UK)
They have a Beeswax Furniture Polish, and also a Beeswax Spray Polish.



Violet’s (UK)
Try their Leather Cream with Patchouli.


Granite / Marble

Eco Me (US)
Try their Natural Granite and Marble Cleaner.

Norfolk Natural Living (UK)
Have a Marble Cleaner with few, simple ingredients, apparently MI-free, but do add “for up to date ingredients check back of packaging” — not very buyer-friendly if you need to know before you buy. We’ve dropped them an email and will update ASAP. 


Air Fresheners / Purifiers

Attitude (Canada)
The Attitude air purifiers use activated carbon filters to absorb lingering odors and natural plant derived extracts to freshen without synthetic chemicals. Green apple and basil, pink grapefruit, passion fruit and more available. Buy from Amazon Canada or Amazon US here

Eco Max (Canada)
Try their Air Purifier and Odor Neutralizer

Natural Home Logic (US)
Odor Eliminator Spray, confirmed free from isothiazolinones. Not designed to impart fragrance or ‘linger’ – but to clear smells. Buy here


Miscellaneous Products

Eco Me Earth Friendly Stainless Steel Polish (US)

Ecozone Coffee Machine Cleaner and Descaler (UK) 

Lice Logic Household Lice Protection Spray (US)

School Supplies (kids’ paints / crayons / markers / inks etc) — see this post by Jill of the Snarky Dabbler. 

Hotel stay / camping travel sleeping bag liners. Very useful to help avoid sleeping in sheets potentially laundered in MI-containing detergents. The AIMB Facebook group has recommended this Marycrafts Artificial Silk Double Sleeping Bag Liner (US). 

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