Glass / window cleaners

Here are some window and glass cleaning detergents which do not contain methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone or other related preservatives. 

Aspen Clean (Canada)
Glass cleaner from this natural brand — with organic lime essential oil.

Attitude (Worldwide)
A Window and Mirror Cleaner available in the UK from Ocado, and in the US available from Amazon

Bio-D (UK / US)
All their products are MI free — they do a Glass and Mirror Spray, stocked by The Ethical Superstore in the UK.

Bondi Wash (Australia / Europe)
Isothiazolinone home and personal care brand, which offer a glass spray — available in Australia and throughout Europe

Eco Max (Canada)
MI-free brand which has a Hypoallergenic Glass Cleaner, preserved with food grade potassium sorbate. 

Ecostore (Australia / NZ)
Isothiazolinone-free brand, which have a glass and surface cleaner, here (Australia) and here (NZ).

GreenShield (US)
Their Organic Glass Cleaner in Fresh Mint is isothiazolinone free, as is their entire range. 

Mangle & Wringer (UK)
Good for Glass, for glass and mirrors, contains only water, acetic acid, lemon oil, soap and preserving salts.

Natural Home Logic (US)
Their Glass Cleaner — like their whole range — is MI-free, but has mixed reviews on Amazon US.

Nature Clean (Can)
Glass & Window Cleaner with a very simple formulation, and containing witch hazel extracts. 

Pure Haven Essentials (US)
Have a Glass Cleaner that comes with a refill, and is made using white wine vinegar, glycerin and mint essential oils.

Sun & Earth (US)
Isothiazolinone-free brand, who offer a Plant-Based Glass Cleaner

High-end and luxury household cleaning brand from Norfolk, who offer a Glass and Mirror Tincture among their range. 

Violet’s (UK)
Glass and Mirror Polish from Northumbrian Botanicals brand. Find it here

Vitacost (US)
Their Clean Collection Glass Cleaner is unscented / fragrance free. (NB: There is a current question mark over Vitacost as we’ve had reports of a severe reaction. We are currently investigating.)

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