Hair products free from MI / MCI

Looking for haircare products which are free of isothiazolinones / Kathon CG? 

Below you will find two sections to help you find what you’re looking for:

1/ A dozen links to posts on this website dedicated to specific hair types (ideal for finding a particular type of product)
2/ An A-Z list of brands which are MI/MCI-free and offer hair care products (ideal for browsing)


1/ Links to Hair Care Articles

For hair dye / hair color kits, see this post

For shampoos, see this post.
For fragrance-free shampoos, see this post.
For anti-dandruff shampoos, see this post.

For fragrance-free conditioners, see this post.
For volumising conditioners, see this post.
For conditioners for dry, damaged or coloured hair, see this post.
For conditioners for dandruff and problem scalps, see this post

For hair loss products (including medications), see this post

For styling products (hair spray / gel / mousse), see this post.
For detanglers, see this post


2/ MI/MCI-free Haircare Brands

Several fully MI-free haircare brands, available internationally unless stated, are listed below.

100% Pure (US / Can / UK)
A wide selection of functional hair products, including volumizing shampoo, glossing shampoo, ‘healthy scalp’ shampoo, with corresponding conditioning products too. (Use MIFree15 for 15% discount.)

Acure Organics (US) / Acure Organics (Canada) 
Good range of shampoos and conditioners, including for hydration, clarifying and volume, all free of MI / MCI. 

Andalou Naturals (US)
Range of shampoos, conditioners and styling cremes / sprays which are free from all synthetic preservatives, as well as sulphates, petrochemical derivatives, phthalates, artificial colours / fragrances, triclosan, parabens, gluten or MEA / TEA / DEA. 

Attitude (Canada / US)
Small range of shampoos and conditioners, including color protection, and volume and shine, from an entirely isothiazolinone-free Canadian brand. Hair products for children too. Also available via Amazon (US).

Derma E (US)
Small collection of mainly conditioners and shampoos, but also a serum. Includes a dry shampoo, and products for ‘scalp relief’. 

Desert Essence (US)
Shampoos and conditioners in a wide variety of flavours! 

Ecostore (Australia / New Zealand)
Various shampoos and conditioners, including for problem conditions such as dandruff and dry hair. For Australia, click here; for New Zealand, click here.

Faith in Nature (UK)
Particularly good and wide range of shampoos and conditioners, but other skincare products too. To browse their shampoos click here, and for their conditioners click here

Green People (UK)
Full hair care range — including their quinoa-inspired hair care range — is safe and free from MI / MCI. 

Hairprint (US / Worldwide)
Unique hair dye brand with small boutique collection of very natural and gentle shampoos and conditioners, all MI/MCI-free. 

John Masters Organics (US / Can) / John Masters Organics (UK)
Wide selection of hair care products, including shampoos, detanglers, hair milk, colour sealer and conditioning mist. 

Just Nutritive (US)
Excellent range of hair care products for problem hair and scalp — including psoriasis, itch, hair loss, extreme dryness, frizz and color-treated. All are preserved naturally with essential oils and botanical extracts. (Formerly known as Just Natural.)

Kiss My Face (US)
Three shampoos, three conditioners, plus kids shampoo & conditioner, and detanger. 

MooGoo Skincare (Australia)
Milk-based shampoo and conditioner — and a scalp treatment, suitable for cradle cap. 

Nurture My Body (US)
All-natural formulations which are preservative-free. Also gluten-free and vegan. 

Pura d’Or (US / Canada) 
Therapy shampoos and conditioners for problem hair conditions — including hair loss and scalp therapies. Free from MI, SLS, parabens, gluten and hypoallergenic, therefore unlikely to cause allergic reactions to those with allergic tendencies. 

Pure Haven Essentials (US)
Conditioner, Shampoo, anti-frizz products, hair spray and more …

Shea Moisture (US)
Hair oils, conditioners, shampoos, dyes, masques, treatments, detangers, perfume …. huge range of haircare products.

Virtue Labs (US)
Dedicated to functional hair care products — shampoos (including dry shampoo), conditioners, treatment serums and masks — many focusing on care and repair. 

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