Detanglers without MI

A small selection of hair detanglers for kids and grown-ups — the latest in our range of articles on safe hair products. 

Attitude Kids Hair Detangler (Canada / US)
Preserved with sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate, and based on glycerin and shea butter. Attitude detanglers used to contain hydrolysed wheat protein (HWP), but this now uses corn starch, and appears safely hypoallergenic, ingredient-wise. 

California Baby (US)
Hair de-tangler made with quinoa protein, and extracts of calendula, pansy and yucca. MI-free brand with large range of kid-friendly products.

Child’s Farm Hair Detangler (UK)
Grapefruit and organic tea tree leaf fragranced product, safely MI-free. Contains HWP and sunflower seed oil. 

Dolphin Organics Detangler (US)
Available both in Very Berry and Vanilla ‘flavours’ – and in travel sizes too. Only natural preservatives and botanical extracts used. 

John Masters Organics Detangler (Worldwide)
With extracts of citrus, neroli, soya and wheat proteins, and coconut oil. Confirmed MI-free brand. 

Just Nutritive Hair Detangler (US)
Some very unusual ingredients – broccoli seed oil, daikon radish seed extract – and some nut oils, but no wheat proteins (uses rice protein instead). 

Just Nutritive Spray Detangler (US)
A spray version, of sorts, of the above product, again with broccoli seed oil and daikon radish seed extract, carried in a chamomile and cucumber blend hydrosol.

Lush Sunny Day Anti-Static Hair Detangler (US / UK)
Natural botanical oils; preserved with a paraben (methylparaben). Also contains alpha-isomethyl ionone, which is not usually a problem for those with MI-allergy, as it’s not an isothiazolinone.

Shea Moisture (US)
Five detanglers from this MI-free brand – including options for kids. Very affordable at $12 or less. 


Mane ‘n Tail Detangler CONTAINS MCI / MI.

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