FreeFrom Skincare Awards 2016 – all MI Free

16-200x200-4Some of you may be aware that I – Alex, the editor of the MI Free site – also run and co-ordinate the FreeFrom Skincare Awards, for skincare brands in the UK and Ireland, which are free from some of the ingredients – such as allergens, preservatives, artificial fragrances and petrochemical derivatives – that many consumers need to or wish to avoid.

Last Friday the 8th July, at the Love Natural Love You show in Olympia, my colleagues and I announced all the 2016 winners, in the 14 categories – which included Hair Care, Men’s Grooming, Problem Skin and Hard Soaps. You can see all the winners, both overall winners and individual category winners and runners-up, if you click here

Why am I telling you this? Well, as you can see from our rules and criteria for entry, methylisothiazolinone is an excluded ingredient, meaning that brands entering our award declare that their products are free from MI – and, naturally, we always check this to be the case too, by carefully scanning ingredients.

So, if you’re looking for some largely natural skincare products, which perform well (we have six testers trial each product for four weeks – so we are very rigorous in putting products through their paces), and which are guaranteed to be free from MI, do consider having a browse through our winners. Hopefully you may find something you like, or which at least might suit your reactive skin, especially as many of the products are additionally free of food allergens, other preservatives, sulphates, and petrochemical derivatives too.  


  1. emese greksa

    I found Eucetin advanced repair to be n my safe list (free of MI) but everytime I use it I break out ,can you tell me what could be the cause?Thank you Emese G

    1. MI Free (Post author)

      Not sure what Eucetin is? They weren’t an entrant into the Award. It’s impossible to know what someone is reacting to, especially without knowing the ingredients, or knowing the clinical history of the person. If you have the ingredients I could take a look, but you really need professional advice if the ‘break out’ is severe.


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