Illegal isothiazolinones in cosmetics (Part II)

Following on from last week’s post, focusing primarily on the European Commission’s weekly alert on unsafe non-food products found to have been on the EU market — which included almost a dozen products containing MI and sometimes MCI — I’ve been holding my breath, hoping we would not have a repeat this week.

Sadly, we do, with additional isothiazolinone-containing products found — albeit far fewer. 

Again, I’ve rounded them up in a simple list below. If you’re in Europe, do not use these products. It’s not implausible that they may also have been exported, or may end up being exported — to avoid being destroyed and incurring costly losses to the brands — to countries where they remain legal, including USA. Please watch out.

1. BiTЭKC ROSKOŠNOJE PITANIJE Argan i Mindal. Russian product, Lithuanian labelling. Contains MI / MCI.

2. MARBERT 24H AQUA BOOSTER 02 Light / 03 Medium. German products, look like could be quite widely available. Contain MI or MCI (unclear which – statement and label contradict).

3. Sun Tropic Protective Sun Lotion / SPF30 Kids. UK products (“made in England”) over-labelled with Lithuanian text. Greek text also appears. Contain MI / MCI. 

If this continues in subsequent weeks, I will group all the products together as a single-page resource.



  1. juanita whitaker

    For many years I have suffered from the effects of MI. What has worked for me is to take an opposite approach. I look for things that are without MI as opposed to trying to check labels. (this is almost impossible due to brand identifications). I have also begun to make my own products such as eye makeup remover using easy ingredients like coconut oil, baby shampoo and water. I have found many recipes for cleaning products on the web. Recipes are free and most often I have the ingredients on my shelf at home.

    1. MI Free (Post author)

      That’s a fantastic attitude, Juanita, but of course not everyone has the time or inclination to make their own products. Do also be careful with water-containing products, which can spoil quickly when homemade, as they are unpreserved. I don’t know much about this, but perhaps refrigeration can help extend their life, but I’m sure you know what’s best already. All the best, Alex.


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