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Apologies to those who have been waiting for this, but happy to announce that Living with Methylisothiazolinone Allergy is now available in ebook format through a wider selection of outlets than merely Amazon — namely Apple, Scribd, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Angus & Robertson … and is coming shortly through Baker & Taylor, Playster, 24symbols, OverDrive and bibliotheca.

Click here for the book’s ‘holding page’ on Books2read, from which you can choose the appropriate link for you and your reading device.


And in other book related news … 

1/ I’m happy to say that I have found a translator who is interested in translating the book into Spanish — the most popularly requested language I’ve received, as it does seem to be a huge problem in not only Spain, but Mexico too. There is still some negotiating to do, and research into the situation in both Spain and South America, but I hope that the book will be published in early 2020. If I have any Spanish-speaking followers who can perhaps help with queries I may have over the coming months about metilisotiazolinona, please make yourselves known!

2/ I plan on working on a second edition of the book in 2020, with a view to publishing it in 2021, so if you have a copy and feel there any omissions or topics that may now need to be covered, please do let me know. I’ve already identified a few topics — repeat open application testing (ROAT), and glutathione, for instance — which I ought to cover.


Other business … 

I’m aware that some of the resource pages on the site are becoming a little dated and some links may not work properly 100% of the time. I do plan on a proper review and inspection of the site and its links in October, but it’s a great help if you do identify broken links or dated references / previously-safe-but-now-unsafe products to leave a message or drop me a line to let me know, so I can update in due course. Although there are some affiliate links / adverts on the MI-free site, it’s a very modest source of income, so please bear with me if I can’t keep it as updated as I would ideally like. I’ll get there!

Do also let me know if there are subjects I’ve not yet addressed which you would like me to, especially concerning difficult-to-find products or particular problems not often discussed.

Leave a comment here, or drop me an email if you prefer anonymity. Find my contact here.

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