Old Fashioned Milk Paint – sample offer

Finding MI free household paint as an methylisothiazolinone allergy sufferer is not easy. Most conventional paint manufacturers use MI or other isothiazolinone preservatives in their formulations – often considered a necessary evil given the water content. 

color_cards6Although a few MI-free paints exist, one particular viable alternative is dry powder paint, to which the customer adds all water. As with laundry powder, MI is unlikely to be used in powder formulations, as it is typically used in water-containing products. 

One such manufacturer is The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company, who for over 40 years have been producing traditional milk paint that remains faithful to the paints our distant ancestors used even thousands of years ago, and which remained in traditional use before the modern, more ‘chemical’ based alternatives. They use only milk, limestone, carbon, clay and earth pigments. 

President Anne Thibeau – whose father created the formulations – has very kindly offered US-based MI-free.com readers a free sample of the paint in any of the 20 standard colors pictured. The sample will make a pint of paint when mixed with water.

To apply for one, please contact Anne, giving your choice of colour and full name and street address in the US, and mentioning MI Free, on anne@milkpaint.com, by 31st January 2017.

To buy products direct from the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co., click here.
The milk paints are also available via Amazon US.
In the UK, you can try stockists The Blueberry Store.

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