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MI Free is dedicated to allergy to the preservative methylisothiazolinone (MI) and its relatives, such as methylchloroisothiazolinone (MCI), which are found widely in cosmetics, toiletries, household cleaning products and other products such as paints.

Increasing numbers of consumers worldwide are developing serious and debilitating allergies to these ‘isothiazolinone’ preservatives, and the epidemic shows little sign of slowing down.

Those with allergy to MI often struggle to find what they need — such as lists of safe products, how to obtain a medical diagnosis or help with their problem, and information on the labelling of isothiazolinone preservatives on consumer products. This resource aims to answer those questions. 

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Living with Methylisothiazolinone Allergy
It’s taken a couple of years, but finally I’ve released a new book about allergy to MI and other isothiazolinones, and it is now available both as an eBook and a paperback from Amazon.



Allergy Face Masks
Can they help protect you from you inadvertent exposure to isothiazolinones — or other allergens such as pollens, fragrances and VOCs? We take a look at those on the market. 



Low Allergy Cosmetics
Truly hypoallergenic or ‘allergy free’ cosmetics may not strictly be possible, but there are many products on the market which are highly non-reactive and contain very few ingredients. Here’s a look at the best ones for ultra-sensitive skin. 


Free From Skincare Awards 2018 Winners Announced — all MI / MCI-free
These annual Awards for ‘free from’ cosmetics in the UK and Europe are now in their seventh year, and many of the winners are free from other allergens, such as fragrances and food allergens. 


PPD and the Allergy Gentle Molecule
Clairol Nice ‘n Easy hair colouring products have been reformulated with a new ‘allergy gentle’ dye molecule — but is the product safe for those with isothiazolinone allergies or not? 



Nature Clean (Canada)
This Canadian brand were MI / MCI-free until a few years ago, but then introduced the preservatives into some of their laundry products. They’re looking to reverse this decision soon. Find out more in this article. 


An update on the isothiazolinone policies of this luxury Australian brand of personal care products. Good news that leave-on products are MI-free, but ‘take off’ or ‘rinse off’ products? The news there is a bit mixed …


Ecozone Products
This British company of eco-friendly detergents and household cleaners has been taking steps to go isothiazolinone-free — but is it there yet? Almost — but not quite …



Fragrance Free Shampoos
Fragrances can cause severe allergies — albeit not usually as severe as allergies to methylisothiazolinone and methylchloroisothiazolinone — and are very common. Need an MI / MCI-free and fragrance free shampoo? Look here … 



Hair Detanglers
We’ve looked at shampoos, conditioners and hair-dyes – and now the latest in our articles focusing on safe hair products looks at hair detanglers – with options for both adults and kids alike. 



MI-Free Sunscreen and Suncare
It’s that time of year again! Summer is coming and while all sun creams in the UK and EU may be safely MI-free, those in America, Australia and New Zealand may not be. Here’s a safe selection for you to browse. 


Hair Loss Products
Looking for hair loss fighters or hair thickeners? Hair products are notorious for containing MI and MCI, but there are plenty of treatments for hair and scalp, both cosmetic and medical, which are safe to use. 



PPD Allergy and MI Allergy
If you’re looking to dye your hair and you have an allergy to MI – and to other ingredients, such as PPD, TDS, fragrances and artificial colours – you need to tread very carefully with the dye or colour you choose. Here are some recommendations.


Fragrance-Free-Shampoo-425f729_main-2Methylisothiazolinone Free Shampoo
One of the most sought-after MI-free products is shampoo, as so many high-street brands use this preservative in their formulations. Here is a listing of a number of safe products. 



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