MI Allergy Paperback

The paperback edition of Living with Methylisothiazolinone Allergy: The Complete Guide is out today!

Following on from the launch of the eBook edition, the paperback comes with a new Index, which took me a little while to compile, hence the delay in publication between the two versions.

There were also some additional issues with regard to pagination and cover design, which I hope I’ve now ironed out.

If you’ve been patiently waiting for the paperback — and I know many of my subscribers and followers on social media have — then I hope you find the book interesting and useful. Feedback would be most welcome — as would a review on Amazon.

Although available exclusively on Amazon initially, I plan on ordering some author copies myself in the near future, and sell signed copies direct to customers, should you prefer to go through this route.

In the meantime, US readers can order a copy through Amazon US here ($9.49), UK readers can order a copy through Amazon UK here (£7.49), and readers in other nations can try their local or most appropriate Amazon store by clicking here


  1. Jilly

    Hi Alex, I’ve bought the paperback copy straight away!
    I intend to show this to as many people as possible – perhaps might buy one for my GPs surgery 🙂
    As an extreme sufferer of MI/MCI and all other isothiazolinones, I’m very grateful to you for striving to make this allergy known to the wider community.
    I shall, of course, be delighted to leave a review on Amazon.

    1. MI Free (Post author)

      Jilly – thank you for being (probably) my first paperback customer! Your support means a lot – thank you.

      1. Jilly

        My pleasure 🙂

  2. Frances Morey

    Hi Alex,
    I am having no success in finding an Amazon store to purchase your paperback from. It probably doesn’t help that I live right in the centre of Australia (Alice Springs), where there are very few shops available. As a confirmed sufferer of isothiazolinone allergies, I would be most interested to read your book.

    I also suffer from a severe allergy to thiurams – which are in insecticides, and also are used in the production of latex and rubber products. They are also involved in the nitrile accelerator which is in latex and rubber free gloves, and other products.

    If there is a store in Australia that stocks you new paperback – or if I can buy it directly on-line, could you please send me the details

    1. MI Free (Post author)

      Sorry Frances … I’ll make a note and let you know. It’s my first time publishing through Amazon, so still trying to understand matters of distribution. I imagine you can use the US Store if you have an Aus account (I have a UK account and can buy from the US store, I think) but I’ll try to find out more. Failing that, as I say, I do plan to bulk order and sell some copies directly, so when I’ve sorted that out, or found a way for you to order one, I will get back in touch. Thanks for your interest – Alex.


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